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Here’s how we can help!

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Our team can tackle any type of English-to-French and French-to-English translation you need.

Whether it’s for promotional materials (like websites, newsletters, brochures, video and radio scripts, etc.) internal paperwork, or even official documents  (like transcripts, certificates, etc.) we can get it done - FAST!

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Sometimes you need a critical eye on details that goes beyond simple spell-checking. We can help with that, too! 


From typo-fixing, grammar-policing and fact-checking to ensuring consistency with terminology and proposing revised wording to improve the flow of your text, our team can help you put your most polished, professional copy forward.

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Need an experienced storyteller who can create stop-in-your-tracks messaging from as little as your brand vision and a few bullet points? Look no further.  


Isabelle’s background as a freelance journalist has given her a fine-tuned set of skills that makes her great at crafting compelling copy, conducting research to get the details right, and doing it all under even the tightest of deadlines.

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Consultation, Adaptation and More!

Have questions about conjugations? 


Need a gender-neutral name for your brand or title for your employees?


Not sure whether you should use tu ou vous to address your audience?


Want someone who can write a witty billboard that appeals to a New Brunswicker, a Quebecer AND a Frenchman for the same campaign? (oh yeah, French can change THAT MUCH between regions!) We do it all, and we’re only an email away.

Have a question about one of our services?

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