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Isabelle Picard is the owner and operator of The Translation Connection and your lead certified translator

For over 15 years, Isabelle has been delivering exceptional and professional translation services to various clients across numerous industries, including education, healthcare, non-profit and more! Her degrees in Translation and International Studies and Modern Languages from Université Laval, coupled with her experience as a terminology research assistant for the Observatoire de néologie du Québec and a freelance journalist for various publications (including the magazines Atout Micro, Filles d’Aujourd’hui, Maison et Jardins, and the cultural weekly, Voir) give her a unique perspective on each project and an unmatched sense of dedication to accuracy.


Working alongside trusted, certified colleagues who offer complementary services to her own, Isabelle delivers quality translations that meet her client’s high expectations, every time.




At The Translation Connection, authenticity and accuracy of language are key in communicating your message to your audience. By having our translators work in their native language, we can ensure things like nuance and turns of phrases aren’t lost in the shuffle.

As a Francophone, Isabelle’s focus is to bring English messaging to life in French, while her English-speaking counterpart can ensure English expressions hit home once adapted from French.

It’s also vital to our process that every project get a second pair of eyes. Not only does this quality control measure ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in our work, it allows us to improve our wording to make it as idiomatic as possible for your audience, and helps to flag any additional considerations (such as plays on words, cultural references, etc.) needed to preserve your original message.

For each project, our recommendations are documented and when appropriate, options along with rationales are provided to ensure you have all the information you need to pick the best fit for your message - an added value perk that not all translators offer, and one our clients rave about, again and again.

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